San Diego Medical Cannabis Legislation

As many may know by now, medical marijuana legislation has changed dramatically in California and more specifically San Diego County. Residents who needed the use of cannabis to relieve chronic conditions such as nausea, anxiety or nerve pain previously faced legal and legitimacy hurdles in terms of acquiring their medication. Legislation has now shifted due to popular demand to a point where if you have a medical marijuana identification card (MMIC) provided by a qualified physician you can actually get pre-rolled joints delivered like you would a pizza or take-out meal. While you do need the proper identification card to get the services of the many dispensaries popping up, there will be no legal recourse for those that do have a medical reason for acquiring marijuana that do elsewhere.

These changes are being welcomed by activists who have fought for years to have legal protection for patients. There are so many documented medical uses of cannabis products whether they are smoked, inhaled or topically applied and the diversity of products on the market has definitely sky rocketed with legalization legislation getting passed. Depending on your specific condition you are looking to remedy there are different strains that may be a better match than others. We’ve reviewed just a few of the most popular medical grade strains you’ll find in the San Diego area below.

Common Medical Marijuana Strains

Gas: known for its efficiency for controlling nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of cancer, it can leave you with a light floaty feeling that can certainly be a relief for cancer patients. Often simply smoking a small joint can be enough to provide relief. Similar strains that can help with these type of issues include OG Kush, Caribbean Dream and Sour Diesel.

Jack Frost: an indica strain, this has no specific strong smell but is commonly used as a social lubricant and can help ease depression as well as natural pain relief.

With the liberalization of this emerging industry comes professional medical advice without the legal issues and hesitations. Our best recommendation is to first become familiar with the legislation in San Diego County, or your local area then work on finding the right strain for your symptoms – whether it be recreational use or pain relief. Secondly, a medical marijuana evaluation doctor can assist you with finding the right strain and type of cannabis application. Visit their website for a full selection and menu.